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24 Clock
24 Clock Windows 7 Gadget -
This clock tells time, Jack Bauer style! It uses the authentic 24 clock font to tell the current time. UPDATE: Fixed 12/00 bug, fixed font kerning..
FreshFM Radio 92.7Mhz
FreshFM Radio 92.7Mhz Windows 7 Gadget -
Internet Radio from FreshFM 92.7Mhz, allows you to stream in high and low quality..... Great for dial up and broadband users. .
Album Art
Album Art Windows 7 Gadget -
Shows the album art for the currently playing music track, with playback controls
Hindi Radio (2.0)
Hindi Radio (2.0) Windows 7 Gadget -
If you ever wanted to listen to Hindi Radio and then this is the gadget for you. Listen to 10 different Hindi Radio Stations. UPDATED: With 6 New stations
Al's Rock Radio
Al's Rock Radio Windows 7 Gadget - Asteroid
Various rocks stations, b\c one just isnt enough!
iBloks Windows 7 Gadget -
Mix. Share. Play.!
Bay Radio Gadget
Bay Radio Windows 7 Gadget - Asteroid
A gadget to listen to the famous Bay Radio in Aberystwyth! For your Windows 7 and easy to install! Music on tap from the great Bay Radio,
iClassical Radio Player
Windows 7 Gadget -
Enjoy to your favorite classical music station. Inspired by 'BBC Radio Player' by Thomas.
BBC Radio Player
Windows 7 Gadget - Asteroid
Listen to any of the bbc stations from your side bar
Internet Radio
Internet Radio Windows 7 Gadget -
Choose from a selection of Internet Radio Channels.
Billboard Top 10 music and MTV
Billboard Top 10 Windows 7 Gadget -
This gadget lists the latest top 10 music ranked by Billboard. Pictures included, and click to watch the free MTV.
iSee (english version only)
iSee Windows 7 Gadget -
iSee allows you to watch the last YouTube and Google videos on your Windows 7.
cdINFO Windows 7 Gadget -
Quickly search for album information by artist from your desktop.
iTunes Accessory
iTunes Accessory Windows 7 Gadget -
Gadget for iTunes that displays and controls many features of iTunes.
DVD Releases
DVD Releases Windows 7 Gadget -
Get up to date with the latest DVD releases from the US, Canada, Japan, and the UK.


iTunes Controller
iTunes Controller Windows 7 Gadget -
Shows the current title, artist, album, and artwork (if available) of the current played song. Includes current time, previous, play/pause, and next buttons.
Ecki's Online Radio
Ecki's Online Radio Windows 7 Gadget -
Spielt 16 Online Radio Streams ab. Internet Radio Stationen sowie öffentlich rechtliche Stationen!
iTunes Gadget
t iTunes Gadget Windows 7 Gadget -
Control iTunes via a small display that shows you the name, artist, and album of the currently playing track. Looks and feels just like the real thing.

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