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Black Glass CPU Meter
Windows 7 Gadget - Black Glass CPU Meter
A Black Glass CPU Meter reskin by Shadowline Designs.
Windows 7 Gadget - AeroCPUGauge

All CPU Meter
Windows 7 Gadget - All CPU Meter
A4核心以下cpu使用量显示 温度显示
Windows 7 Gadget - All_CPU_Meter_V3.5
With this All CPU Meter you can display your Processor usage (Twenty Four Core, Sixteen Core, Twelve Core, and more.
Classic White CPU
Windows 7 Gadget -Classic White CPU
Displays the current CPU and RAM usage. For Windows 7 / Vista.!
Computer Activity 1.2 - Black
Windows 7 Gadget - Computer Activity
Shows cpu usage, ram info, internet transfer speed, and system uptime.
Computer Status_v3
Computer Status Gadget
コンピュー ターの状態 をサイド バーに表 示します 。CPUは常時 表示、時 計、メモ リー、デ バイス、 ネットワ ーク、ワ イヤレス 、バッテ リー、ご み箱、ラ ジオ、シ ステム駆 動時間、.
Computer Status Side Show
Windows 7 Gadget - Computer Status
See the status of your Computer/Notebook in the Sidebar and on a SideShow device. View CPU, RAM, WiFi, Battery
CPU & MEM meter II
Windows 7 Gadget - CPU & MEM meter
CPUとメモリの 使用率をタ スクマネー ジャー風に 表示します .
CPU Gauge
Windows 7 Gadget - CPU Gauge
Monitor cpu usage in style. Supports upto 16 cpus/cores and includes 5 skins.
CPU Gadget
Windows 7 Gadget - CPU Gadget
Displays information about the current clockspeed of the CPU as well as the usage of the cores and the memory. .
CPU monitor
Windows 7 Gadget - CPU monitor
This is CPU monitor which has the both of visual like rader and graph like Windows Task Manager.
- Added CPU clock rate
CPU, Meter II
Windows 7 Gadget - CPU, Meter II
CPU & Memory Meter

Windows 7 Gadget - CPU Meter III
See the current computer CPU, RAM and HDD usage.
CPU Dail
Windows 7 Gadget - CPU Dail
Views Cpu Usage (%) and RAM Usage (%)
Cpu Mem Meter
Windows 7 Gadget - Cpu Mem Meter
A simple calculator gadget that will be transformed into a scientific calculator when undocked.
CPU Smiley
Windows 7 Gadget - CPU Smiley
Smiley CPU Gadget.
Windows 7 Gadget - CubeMonitor
Various CPU monitor
Digital Clock Bad-G.I.Joe
Windows 7 Gadget - Digital Clock
Digital Clock Bad-G.I.Joe.
dVUE1: Web Tender
Windows 7 Gadget - Web Tender
Collects in one window key network indicators to locate website response problems. Pings website and gateway;
Windows 7 Gadget - CPU and RAM usage
Displays the current CPU and RAM usage. For Windows 7 / Vista.! .
Imp's CPU Meter
Windows 7 Gadget - Imp's CPU Meter
Shows CPU & RAM usage (instead of the standart CPU meter) .
GPU Monitor
Windows 7 Gadget - GPU Monitor
Displays the hard ware status for your graphics card. Values include temperatures, fan speed, clock speeds, framerate,
htCpuMem - Black
Windows 7 Gadget - htCpuMem
Shows cpu usage, ram info, Clock speed
Intel Core Series
Intel Core Series  Gadget
Shows cpu usage, temperatures and clock for Intel CPUs without the need of an 3rd party application..
iPK Combo
Windows 7 Gadget - Gadget shows Wireless
Gadget shows Wireless signal, Access point name, Internal IP, External IP, CPU load, Free RAM memory, Laptop battery.
iStat combo
Monitor cpu and memory usage gadget
Monitor cpu and memory usage from one tiny gadget. Supports upto 16 cpus/cores.
Includes 5 skins
My System Montitor
Windows 7 Gadget - System Montitor
See the current computer CPU, RAM and HDD usage. and more.
Mutli Sensor
Windows 7 Gadget - Mutli Sensor
Use Everest to display up to 5 sensors showing tempurature, system use, voltages, and fan speeds. Requires Everest
Windows 7 Gadget - Q_driveinfo

Switch's drive info modified to be able to safely remove a usb flash drive or CD/DVD, confirmation message on/off too!
QuickMeter I
Windows 7 Gadget - QuickMeter
Quickly see CPU usage, RAM usage and Disk activity.

Quick Monitor
Windows 7 Gadget - Quick Monitor
Quickly see CPU, Memory, Disk and Network usage and real-time performance. Shows CPU usage for up to 8 cores. .
Speed Test
Windows 7 Gadget - Speed Test
Speed Test is a meter that monitors your entire system. Mearuring CPU and RAM usage by itself and has the ability to test your Maximum
Windows 7 Gadget - cpu meter
een op de vista vlag gebaseerde cpu meter .
Sys Gadget
Windows 7 Gadget - System Gadget
Displays system usage details (CPU, MEM) for quad core processors. Same visual styles as iiNet usage meter..
Windows 7 Gadget - Displays cpu and ram usage
Displays cpu and ram usage. Also displays up and download speed.

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