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September 13 2012:forcedinjection plugin
Some people have been asking me why they can't use the speedhack in Chrome. That is because the chrome child process has no disk access (Limited user and untrusted mandatory level). It's pretty easy to make it usable again by changing a flag in the config, or just getting a different browser.
But for those that couldn't get it to work, or those that wish to know more about plugins, I've made a plugin for Cheat Engine showing off how to make a hybrid plugin that uses both the lua framework and the exposed plugin api to rewire the injectDLL routine (more specifically, the functions it uses) so that it can force load a dll into the target process without the process having disk access.

Download link: forcedinjection.rar
How to use:
Extract the files anywhere.
In cheat engine go to settings->plugins
Click add new
Find the plugin .dll for the Cheat Engine version you use. (32 bit: -i386, 64-bit: -x86_64)
Once it is in the list check the checkbox left of it and click ok.

And if everything went right it's now functional and you should be able to do a speedhack on the target process. One thing to note about this plugin is that when it gets loaded, it will target itself. Even when restarting cheat engine. This is because it needs to rewrite itself. I could have done it without, but it shouldn't be an issue.
For those interested, the sourcecode of this plugin can be found in the SVN 
June 3 2012:Cheat Engine 6.2 Simplified Chinese translation:
linwuliao has updated the Simplified Chinese language file to 6.2. You can get it here
June 3 2012:Cheat Engine 6.2 Traditional Chinese translation:
Todobug has updated his language file to 6.2. You can get it here(Just extract to your languages folder in the Cheat engine install folder overwriting language.ini)
May 21 2012:Cheat Engine 6.2 Russion translation:
SER[G]ANT has already finished updating the translation files for this new update to russian. You can get them here
May 20 2012:Cheat Engine 6.2 Released (And mac stuff):
And again almost a year passed without any update. But here is the new and improved Cheat Engine 6.2

If you encounter bugs or have suggestions, please do not hesitate to report them in the forum, bugtracker, or by mail.
And if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them in the forum

  • Fixed the first plugin from not getting activated at restart
  • Custom types can now do an unknown initial value scan
  • Fixed the auto assembler highlighter from hiding some text while typing
  • Fixed the auto assembler highlighter from not showing hexadecimal values as hex starting with A to F
  • Fixed global debug from crashing in 64-bit (with dbvm)
  • Fixed dbvm from not working on several systems (freeze)
  • Fixed notification when closing and you had some changes
  • Fixed the rescan of the structure spider not working at all
  • Fixed several disassembler and assembler instructions
  • Fixed several plugin-system related bugs
  • Fixed aobscan for 64-bit
  • Fixed displaying the registers in 64-bit when using "find what xxx this address"
  • Fixed the stackview when single stepping through the code
  • Fixed several lua function, including createhotkey
  • Fixed the assembler not dealing well with names with a - in it. (like the tutorial)

  • Additions and changes:
  • Auto assembler scripts can now use the LuaCall(luafunction()) method to call a lua function before the script gets executed
  • Added a profiler so you can find function entry points and see how often they are called (Ultimap. Requires dbvm. Even in 32-bit)
  • Deleting a plugin now calls FreeLibrary on it
  • Ctrl+enter in the luaengine form now automatically executes the command
  • Added direct 3d hook functions (can be used to show trainers and menu's inside games)
  • d3dhook related: Cheat Engine can now bind the mouse inside the gamewindow for those games that do not support multiple displays, so no more losing focus when moving the mouse
  • Plugins settings between the 32 and 64-bit executable are now seperated
  • Recalculate addresses with only one selection now only updates the siblings and children. Doesn't touch the parent node
  • Addresslist entries can have the notation +xxx and -xxx, which will calculate the address based on the parent address (If the parent address changes, these change automatically
  • The structure dissect has been rewritten from scratch, and the functions have been exposed to lua as well
  • Added a new step to the tutorial (step9) showing how to deal with shared code
  • Made the tutorial translatable as well
  • Added a new trainer type which generates trainer that are a lot smaller in size (tiny)
  • Added a groupscan type which you can use to scan for different things in the same block
  • If you boot up with dbvm you do not need to sign the driver in 64-bit to load it
  • Custom types now support handling as a floating point value
  • Added debug register states to the threadview and made the threadview window capable of changing registers
  • Added remote scanning with ce for different systems. The server just needs to be running, and a 1GBPs network connection or faster is recommended
  • Also added an android server as a proof of concept, but getting a fast enough connection on those connections can be a challange
  • Changed the add/change address window to be more compact and make dealing with offsets easier
  • Lots of new lua functions
  • Post release fixes (max 7 days after initial release):
    21 May 2012: Handle the "Invalid Instruction" exception better, fix the memoryview window from disapearing, and fix the BSOD when loading the driver on Pentium 4 and earlier
    22 May 2012: Fix a deadlock when clicking stop in the pointerscanner. (And a minor assembler fix)
    23 May 2012: Fix form_showModal from not returning a result. Made the installer create the autorun folder. Minor gui fix for groups
    25 May 2012: Fixed the android server being replaced by the x64 linux server
    26 May 2012: Fixed api hooking in 64-bit (speedhack in java fix for win64 users)
    30 May 2012: Removed the linux server binaries from the installer, they are separate downloads now

    Also, there has been a Mac version under development and it's semi usable. Memory scanning works most of the time and the debugger also kinda works: Cheat Engine for Mac Version April 2012
    You can talk about it in this topic: or if the mac version becomes more popular I might create a new forum section for it. 

    November 21 2011:Chinese Traditional translation files:
    todobug has provided us with the translation files for "Chinese Traditional (ch_tw)"
    November 13 2011:Back:
    The server is back up and your dns has been updated to this ip again.
    Most stuff will be working, but some stuff is missing and/or gone. (User attachments)

    Please note that you may occasionally see error messages while some adjustments are made
    November 11 2011:CRASH:
    The server is hosted on has crashed :(
    The forum's last backup was 3 weeks ago so that isn't too bad, but the attachments people uploaded after January 12th are lost. So those need to be reuploaded. is currently hosted on a secondary host while the new harddisk is being setup but that can take a few days.<
    The forum is currently down, but the downloads should work (6.1 downloads)

    for those that want to chat check out irc or the temp forum here:
    August 16 2011:Spanish/Castilian traslation files:
    Manuel I. has provided us with Spanish/Castilian(es_ES) translation files
    Just extract to your languages\ subfolder in the Cheat Engine folder
    June 7 2011:Chinese Simplified translation files:
    There's a translation file for another branch of Chinese (zh_CN)
    June 5 2011:Chinese Simplified translation files:
    Forum member aleax has provided us with Chinese Simplified translation files
    Also, here's a link to a chinese site which may be able to help you further
    June 3 2011:Cheat Engine 6.1 Released:
    It's time for a new release again. This mainly contains bugfixes that 6.0 introduced and implementing some old features that went missing from 5.6.1 to 6.0 (Trainer maker) The lua environment has been extended and some new features have been added that can make dissecting a program easier (for example the structure spider , last branch record recordign on Intel Fam6 and string map, comments in assembler, etc...)
    Also, translation support has been added so you can now create translation files (.PO files) which can be used to translate Cheat Engine. There is already a russian translation file. If you do a translation please send them to or pm in the forum and I'll upload them to the site

    link: Cheat Engine 6.1
    Russian translation files
    If you encounter bugs or have suggestions, please do not hesitate to report them

    Cheat Engine 6.1

  • Fixed DBVM from not working
  • Fixed Kernelmode debugging with DBVM in 64-bit
  • Several disassembler fixes
  • Scanning errors now show the error
  • Fixed a few 16-bit assembler instructions
  • Fixed doubleclicking the assembler scan going to 00000000
  • Fixed the assembler scan going from ffffffff back to 0 and starting over again
  • Fixed autoattach causing huge memory leak
  • Fixed clicking nextscan when having 0 results
  • Fixed 8 byte scans so they it can now scan negative values
  • Prevent a 32-bit plugin from showing up error messages when loaded in the 64-bit ce version (It won't work)
  • Fixed the VEH debugger from not handling int3 breakpoints properly
  • Fixed XMM registers in the veh debugger
  • Fixed the VEH debugger from causing a program to hang when Cheat Engine is closed normally
    Changes since public release: (max 7 days)
  • June 4 2011: Add the shellExecute lua function
  • June 5 2011: Fix assembling of movq
  • June 7 2011: Fix loading a table after having a table with files. And fix the listbox and combobox in the designer. And AOBscan script fix
  • June 9 2011: Fix lua memory scan creation and reading out the results

  • Added a structure spider which may help in finding ways to distinguish between two objects
  • Value scanning can now take formulas
  • Added a form designer to create lua extensions
  • Added an automated trainer generator that will generate a trainer script for you
  • Added lots and lots of new functions to the lua engine. Check the helpfile or main.lua
  • Added the ability to save binary files into a cheat table
  • Added an xm-player
  • Added columns to the stackview window
  • Added an option to choose if the disassembler should show 32-bit or 64-bit code
  • Added support to translate cheat engine to any language you want (check the language folder for more info)
  • Some speed improvements at several tools
  • Added undo last edit (ctrl+z) when editing values in a cheat table
  • Added extra option to the pointer rescan so you can filter out paths more specifically
  • Added custom comments to the assembler window
  • Added the ability to use lua variables inside auto assembler ( $luavariable )
  • Added syntax highlighting to lua
  • Changed the lua dlls with versions that don't need the C++ runtime installed
  • Changed the lua library to support 64-bit dll's
  • The lua script has been moved from the comments window to it's own menu on top
  • In the hexadecimal view when selecting 4 bytes and then pressing space will make you go there. Backspace returns
  • Added the .cetrainer file extension so you can download very small files and have great trainersJanuary 10 2011:Cheat Engine 6.0 Released:
    It has taken a while but the wait has been worth it: Cheat engine 6.0 has been released
    It's not only a new version with some new features, but a complete port from Delphi to Freepascal/Lazarus with support for 64-bit
    Of course, some features could not get implemented in this new version just yet, like the directx mess and trainer creator, but they are planned to come back in the next versions. If you need to use them, just use Cheat Engine 5.6.1 instead(Check the download page if you need it). And other features have just been stripped because they where useless (hyperscan)
    Of course, new stuff has been added like the VEHDebugger, improved pointerscan speed, ability to compare to the values of a saved scan, advanced scripting, etc...etc...etc...

    If you encounter bugs or have suggestions, please do not hesitate to report them. If you don't I can't fix/improve Cheat Engine

    Cheat Engine 6.0

  • several disassembler fixes
  • change by offset supports negative hexadecimal offsets
  • several fixes to the data dissector
  • Fixed simple paste
  • Hextype won't change pos
  • January 11 2011: Fixed a hotkey issue
  • January 11 2011: Fixed the stringlist_add crash

  • Added a 64-bit version
  • Different compiler (uses fpc/lazarus now instead of delphi)
  • Addresslist has been reimplemented from scratch
  • Debugger has been reimplemented from scratch
  • Hexview has been redesigned
  • Added a new debuggerinterface : VEHDebugger
  • replaced underc with lua
  • Added several lua routines
  • pointerscanner speed increased
  • custom types changes from scantype to valuetypes that can be used in multiple locations
  • disassembler shows colors and can be configured
  • improvements to the stackview
  • added tabbed scans
  • standalone Trainermaker is currently not implemented
  • added the option to save scanresults
  • You can now compare the current addresslist to the values of a saved scan (first scan included)
  • The above also makes the percentage scans more useful, so a between % scan has been added as well
  • Tables can now contain lua scripts that can get executed
  • Table entries can execute lua scripts when enabled/disabled (see it as an extension to auto assembler)
  • Added conditional breakpoint
  • added break on data breakpoint
  • automated "find what accesses address" now shows a trigger count
  • Hotkeys on cheat entries have been improved
  • Temp files don't get saved in the ce folder anymore
  • Cheat Tables don't get saved in the ce folder anymore
  • Added a suggestion where you can save your tables now
  • Cheat table entries can now be dragged and dropped, including on top of eachother
  • Hexview can now show seperators any way you like
  • You can compare two hexviews with eachother to show the differences
  • Added the 7 byte hexadecimal display type
  • Added some extra plugin apis
  • Improved the change register on breakpoint gui
  • And lots of other stuff...

    Also, I heard news that scientists have finally managed to create pigs with wings
    January 5 2011:Shortcut to launch Cheat Engine missing:
    In case you're noticing that when you start Cheat Engine you get a message that the shortcut isn't valid anymore and Cheat Engine.exe has been deleted from your system then you've become the victim of a really crappy anti virus program. (Really, any anti virus that deletes files without user permission is crap)
    This is probably also the cause for the "Error Code 2" message during install

    The solution to this problem is uninstall your anti virus(McAfee in particular) and reboot. Then reinstall Cheat Engine and everything should work fine(perhaps installing a different anti virus as well, as long as it isn't McAfee)

    And if you feel like it please contact that anti virus vendor (e-mail and/or forum) and let them know they should stop deleting Cheat Engine.exe (Even if their forum already has more than 100 topics about it)

    also, Cheat engine 6.0 will be out any day now

    Juli 1 2010:Before I forget:
    Because I'm getting flooded with e-mails of people that don't check the forum, if you're using firefox and want to use Cheat Engine on a browser game, then open plugin-container.exe instead of the firefox process. (That process will only exist when the game has already been started)

    June 30 2010:10 year anniversary and 5.6.1 release
    Well, it's been a decade now that the first version of Cheat engine saw the light
    To celebrate that fact I've released ce 5.6.1 , which is mainly a bugfix version but also has some small usability improvements, I also wanted to put out a beta version of CE 6 today but since it has an annoying bug that makes the foundlist hard to use I'll spend some more time on that first.

    link: Cheat Engine 5.6.1

  • Fixed bug where ce would crash(close) on XP systems on certain type of games when opening a process
  • Fixed the error at "Same as first scan" when using the float type
  • Pointer rescan for value now accepts more than 8 characters
  • Fixed pointerscan for value not supporting more than 1 thread
  • Fixed showing the fpu in the kernelmode debugger
  • Fixed Decreased/Increased by %
  • Dissect Data now detects non-exact floating point values again
  • Disabled executing the aobscan when assigning a script to the table
  • Some disassembler fixes
  • Again some more DPI fixes
  • The byte-editor in the hexeditor window is now properly aligned at the proper height
  • The XMM registers are now shown for kernelmode debugging as well
  • Implemented the stop button for kernelmode "Find what addresses this code accesses"
  • Fixed error message when pressing enter and no address is selected in the addresslist
  • Fixed samememory regions so the last byte is now included as well
  • Fixed the simple-copy/paste option in settings (it now has effect)
  • Fixed bug where pressing alt made a lot of controls invisible in vista and later
  • Fixed the pointerscan bug that caused out of memory problems for the scan (Was already secretly fixed and released for 5.6 one week after the official release, but still mentioning it)

  • Rightclicking on registers(multiple locations) saves them to the clipboard
  • The values of dissect data can now be saved to disk
  • Auto Assembler script entries have a small <script> text you can click for easier script editing
  • The commonmodulelist.txt has been updated with some extra dll's that have nothing to do with the game (thanks to psych)
  • AutoAssembler: You can't move the cursor beyond the end of a line anymore
  • Pointerscan: Pointerscanner now tells you that pressing stop is a stupid thing to do
  • Pointerscan: doubleclicking an pointer with invalid base now adds it anyhow. (In case the base becomes valid again later)
  • Several extra window positions are now saved when the option to save the position is enabled (included pointerscan and autoassembler)
  • CE now notifies you if it thinks there's not enough dispace left
  • Default pointer option is now set back to insert instead of append
  • Added a "Same as first scan" hotkey option
  • When opening a new process and chosing to disable everything now also disables entries in advanced options

    If you encounter bugs, please let me know (forum pm/post,Bugreport or
    P.S.:If you have questions read the FAQ first, it may contain the answer to your problem, even if you don't like the answer

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