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ABC Radio Gadget
ABC Radio Windows 7 Gadget
Listen to Australian Broadcasting Corp streaming stations via this Windows 7 Gadget. Based on the wonderful BBC gadget that does a similar thing for that network. Realtime Realtime Windows 7 Gadget
Realtime property updates from Ireland's largest property website,
AlertCon® Forecast and Radar Windows 7 Gadget® Forecast and Radar Gadget
Digg Windows 7 Gadget
Listen to Australian Broadcasting Corp streaming stations via this Windows 7 Gadget. Based on the wonderful BBC gadget that does a similar thing for that network.® Forecast Gadget® Forecast Gadget Windows 7 Gadget
Download the leading-edge in your personal weather experience from!.
Engadget Headlines
Engadget Headlines Windows 7 Gadget
This stylish Windows 7 gadget displays the last 40 news items from!
ASB Business News
ASB Business News Windows 7 Gadget
This gadget displays an RSS feed allowing streaming of video clips from TVNZ's ASB Business programme.
Evermotion forum news Gadget
Evermotion forum news Windows 7 Gadget
This gadget will help users to have a quick look into last forum news.
Australian Bushfire Danger (NSW, )
Australian Bushfire Danger (NSW, ACT) Windows 7 Gadget
Displays the current bushfire danger level and total fire ban notifications for New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territor!
Eye on the Web
Windows 7 Gadget
Keep an eye on any webpage you like, by putting a realtime updated snippet of it in your Windows 7. Use it to keep an eye on traffic congestion, or weather updates, or news headlines
BBC RSS Gadget
Windows 7 Gadget
A simple & large RSS gadget powered by RSS Feed Converter that shows the top 8 BBC headlines. Click on a story to open it in a browser . 120 sec refresh
Feedr Windows 7 Gadget
Windows 7 gadget which shows photos comming from RSS feeds.!
Bloglines Windows 7 Gadget
Bloglines Windows 7 Gadget
Get up to date with the latest DVD releases from the US, Canada, Japan, and the UK.
Fidelity Market Monitor
Fidelity Market Monitor Windows 7 Gadget
Download the Fidelity Market Monitor gadget to keep on top of the market.
CBC Radio Feeds
CBC Radio Feeds Windows 7 Gadget
A little CBC radio feeder. All the feeds from coast to coast. CBC Radio one, two and three. Enjoy :)
Ilta-Sanomat Windows 7 Gadget
Tuoreimmat IS uutiset.
Careerbuilder: Jobs Recommended
Careerbuilder: Jobs Recommended For You Windows 7 Gadget
Jobs for you
Globes Windows 7 Gadget
Globes Online - business and technology news from Israel.
Digg gadget
Digg Windows 7 Gadget
View top stories from the social news website Uutiset Uutiset Windows 7 Gadget
Tuoreimmat Helsingin Sanomien uutiset.
Israel Traffic Information
Israel Traffic Information Windows 7 Gadget
Israel Traffic Information
RSSFeedsHebrewSupport Windows 7 Gadget
update to Microsoft RSS feeds Gadget that supports Right To Left Display on Hebrew RSS feeds.
IN.GR Calendar
IN.GR Calendar Windows 7 Gadget
Displays the calendar. Content includes anniversaries, TV programs, Sport and culture events, Movies and Theater
Saizen Releases
Windows 7 Gadget s
Israel Traffic Information
ITN News
ITN News Windows 7 Gadget
ITN news and videos on your desktop. !
Spikedhumor Daily
Spikedhumor Daily Windows 7 Gadget
The Spikedhumor gadget keeps you up to date with all the latest internet videos, pictures and other must see items.
Kotaku Headlines
Kotaku Headlines Windows 7 Gadget
Shows the last 40 news items from
Tietoviikon uutiset
Tietoviikon uutiset Windows 7 Gadget - Asteroid
Tuoreimmat tietotekniikkauutiset suoraan työpöydällesi. !
London Underground Live news
London Underground Live Travelnews Windows 7 Gadget
Displays live travel information for the London Underground...
TVNZ Headlines
TVNZ Headlines Windows 7 Gadget
View the latest TVNZ news feeds and videos on your desktop.
Lottery results Windows 7 gadget
Lottery results sidebar gadget Windows 7 Gadget
A simple gadget that displays the lottery results. Forum Viewer Forum Viewer Windows 7 Gadget
View the latest uk8ball topics on your desktop!. Windows 7 Gadget
Ajankohtaiset uutiset ja muut palvelut suoraan työpöydältä.
Weather Radar
Weather Radar Windows 7 Gadget
Display your favorite realtime weather radar image in your Windows 7. View the image full size plus switch views by clicking on the radar image .
IN.GR Newspaper Stand
IN.GR Newspaper Stand Windows 7 Gadget
Displays and generates a slideshow from the cover pages of Greek Newspapers. .
WeatherBug Windows 7 Gadget
Receive live weather conditions for anywhere in the world on your Windows 7. Get detailed forecasts, radar, weather cameras, and severe weather alerts.
Most Viewed Articles The Age / SMH
Most Viewed Articles (The Age / SMH) Windows 7 Gadget -
Most Viewed Articles (The Age / SMH)
Ynet News
Ynet News Windows 7 Gadget
Ynet headlines straight to your computers.
NZ Herald Top Stories
NZ Herald Top Stories Windows 7 Gadget
The Windows 7 gadget is a fun and useful way for you to keep an eye on the news during the day. It's a photo gadget that displays a thumbnail of news stories
Woot! Windows 7 Gadget
See today's Woot! from Displays the gold light during WootOff.
Personal Feed Viewer
Personal Feed Viewer Windows 7 Gadget
a customizable gadget that allows to view the feed of your choice.
YLE Urheilu RSS
YLE Urheilu RSS Windows 7 Gadget
YLE Urheilun gadgetilla voit lukea eri urheilulajien uutisia suoraan työpöydältäsi

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