Posted by : syahrul hidayat Senin, 05 November 2012

Number: 6
Title: Shadows
Album: Top Up
Artist: Nidji
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hey you got to be honest
you got to be the only one
you got to be the one

hey you got to stay awake
you got to start to save the world
you got to be alert

*) shadows.. shadows..
in the world we living on
shadows.. shadows..
in the world we living on

shadows .. shadows..
we’re alone in the world we own
shadows .. shadows..
we’re alone in the world we own

hey the killer of the world
the money blinded junky man
the loveless son of man
hey nothing isn’t right
the future is in so much pain
the lovers are in vein

back to *)

is this place where we fly in
is this place where we don’t win
is this the shadows that lived in our profit
is this the shadows that we all wanted

and our life are burned by the fire
of our sins and tonight
i believe that we won’t win

here in the cities
shadows on the run
nothing is real
nothing can’t be done

i am the shadows
i’m the only one
make me believe
that nothing can be done

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