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Windows 7 Gadget - WeatherBug
Receive live weather conditions for anywhere in the world on your Sidebar. from any of WeatherBug’s 8,000 Tracking Stations.
Language Translator
Windows 7 Gadget - Language Translator
This windows 7 gadget Auto translate in 43 languages, and easy to use.
Black Glass CPU Meter
Windows 7 Gadget - Black Glass CPU Meter
A Black Glass CPU Meter reskin gadget by Shadowline Designs.
Face book explorer
Windows 7 Gadget - Face book explorer
The Fb Explorer Win 7 gadget is an excellent tool to help you keep up with Facebook messages on your sidebar.
Date & Time
Windows 7 Gadget - Date & Time
Date & Time gives you a date and time display, calendar and events system, and alarm clocks! Multiple themes, customize options, and more!
All CPU Meter V3.3
Windows 7 Gadget - All CPU Meter
Rith this All CPU Meter you can display your Processor usage to 20 cores, Cores temperatures and RAM usage.
Auction Sidebar Tool for eBay
Auction Sidebar Tool for eBay Gadget
Auction Sidebar Tool is an extremely popular application designed to take the hassle out of managing your eBay account.
CPU Multimeter
Windows 7 Gadget - CPU Multimeter
Updated V1.24 Multi Meter is a CPU and Memory meter together.
Horoscope Daily
Windows 7 Gadget - Horoscope Daily
12 constellation automatic updates daily horoscope. English text easy to see your own daily horoscope.
Network Meter V6.4
Windows 7 Gadget - Network Meter
This 2 in 1 Network Meter (Wireless Network Meter and Wired Network Meter) will show you SSID, signal quality, IP address,and more,
Orange Météo
Windows 7 Gadget - WeatherBug
La météo et ses prévisions à 3 jours en France et dans le monde. Saisissez simplement le nom d'une ville dans les paramètres.
(SidePlayer) Music Search Gadget
Windows 7 Gadget - WeatherBug
SidePlayer searches and plays over 2 million audio tracks. a gadget for your Windows SideBar. play any audio right from the desktop
Speed Test (Monitor CPU, RAM,
Windows 7 Gadget - WeatherBug
With Speed Test you can monitor CPU (over 8 cores) and RAM usage by itself and it has the ability to test;

Vista Shutdown Control
Windows 7 Gadget - Vista Shutdown Contro
With this gadget you can shutdown, restart or lock your computer with only one click. it shows the time + change design option.
Virtual Flower Pot
Windows 7 Gadget - Virtual Flower Pot
Have something beautiful and alive right on your desktop. This Virtual Flower Pot will grow to full bloom right before your eyes
Vista & 7 Calculator gadget
Windows 7 Gadget - Vista & 7 Calculator
A simple calculator gadget that will be transformed into a scientific calculator when undocked.
XM Online Radio
Windows 7 Gadget - XM Online Radio
Listen to Sirius XM Online Radio from your sidebar! Fully functional, sleek, and compact with lots of options.
Windows 7 Gadget -<
Deze buienradar laat tot vijf minuten nauwkeurig zien waar het regent in Nederland. Enkan ingezome op een favoriete lokatie
Lights Out!
Windows 7 Gadgets - Lights Out!
Lights Out! is a puzzle game with the simple goal of trying to turn all the lights off.
Spirit Detecter
Windows 7 Gadgets - Spirit Detecter
Keep an eye out for the spirits of Elvis, Santa, John Lennon, and others in the area.
Magic 8-Ball
Windows 7 Gadgets - Magic 8-Ball
The Magic 8-Ball knows !.


Windows 7 Gadgets - Sudoku (Beta)
A popular number puzzle.
Windows 7 Gadgets - Minesweeper
This is an attempt at the original minesweeper game. If you've never played you need to try. Numbers tell you how many mines are touching that square. Ctrl+click - flags mines
System Uptime Monitor
Windows 7 Gadgets - System Uptime Monitor
This gadget displays the system "uptime" for your Vista machine. Be the super-cool one with the best uptime amongst your peers.
Windows 7 Gadgets - NogomFM
This is a nice gadget to play NogomFM 100.6 radio channel, a channel for arabic songs
Tic Tac Toe
Windows 7 Gadgets - Tic Tac Toe
Get three X's in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) before the computer gets three O's in a row.
phpChess Gadget
Windows 7 Gadgets - phpChess Gadget
The phpchess gadget is designed to keep you in touch with the phpchess chess server. phpChess (much like phpbb) is chess software for your website
UTA! Spurs Clock
Windows 7 Gadgets - UTA! Spurs Clock
Counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds since Spurs last won the English Football League.
PlayStation 3 countdown
Windows 7 Gadgets - PlayStation 3 countdown
Countdowns to the European PlayStation 3 launch.
Voodoo Doll
Windows 7 Gadgets - Voodoo Doll
It's a voodoo doll!
Windows 7 Gadgets - Poker (Beta)
Play Jacks-or-Better video poker.
Wifi Gadget
Windows 7 Gadgets - Wifi Gadget
This Gadget shows your current single level, ssid and if the connection is secured..
Say It!
Windows 7 Gadgets - Say It!
A fun text-to-speech gadget.
Wikipedia Gadget
Windows 7 Gadgets - Wikipedia Gadget
A Wikipedia Search gadget.
Windows 7 Pong
Windows 7 Gadgets - Sidebar Pong
Play a pong clone on the Windows 7.
Word Of The Day
Windows 7 Gadgets -Word Of The Day's word of the day presented on a chalkboard.
Color Swatches
Windows 7 Gadgets - Wikipedia Gadget
Color swatches with slowly changing color combinations. Copy the RGB values of pleasing color combinations to your clipboard to use in other applications..
Windows 7 Gadgets - Life
Conway's Game of Life
Windows 7 Gadgets - Snack
Eat a healthy snack.

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